Hi, I’m Simonette, but you can call me Sim. I am a South African girl who moved halfway across the world to the Netherlands. Between cycling through small towns, visiting windmills, working my amazing full-time job as a compliance analyst, and exploring the streets of Amsterdam, I love to wind down by cooking.

Since I can remember, I have been cooking. My family is Italian, and that means big and delicious comfort family meals. I found out about a year ago that gluten and I are not best friends – goodbye pizza and pasta that are pretty much part of my DNA. I decided to switch things up and find alternatives. This has definitely tested my creativity side but has been a yummy journey! While I still have gluten every now and again (luckily I’m only intolerant and not allergic), I am on a mission to eat healthier and nourish my body.

Food to me is more than just something that we eat. Each ingredient has its own nutritional properties and we should use food to nourish and heal our bodies. That is why I believe that everything should be done in moderation. We shouldn’t harm our bodies by depriving it or giving it too much. Above all, food is to be enjoyed!

I hope I can show you ways that you can nourish and listen to your body. Enjoy the recipes you can find on this blog!


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