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Living plastic-free doesn’t have to be a major change to your lifestyle. It’s all about changing small things where you can in order to make a major difference in the world. If you think about all of the people in the world only eliminating one piece of plastic from their lives every day… that’s a LOT of plastic. So even if you want to start small and see how it goes, you will make a big difference. The key is to just START.

Here are 5 reasons why you should go plastic-free

1.You don’t have to completely change the way you live

I think this is the biggest misconception out there. It’s one of those all-or-nothing approaches where one thinks that if you decide to start cutting back on plastics that you need to completely get rid of every piece of plastic in your life. Of course, that is the ideal scenario but some people aren’t willing to make such a big commitment just yet and instead dismiss the idea of cutting out plastics completely. It’s okay to just start living more consciously of the plastic that you do have in your life and changing what you can then seeing how it goes and making the commitment after you are more familiar with the lifestyle.

2. You do not have to be an activist to make a difference

Most of the media that we see regarding plastic and zero waste living are activists showing people the extremities of how plastic is destroying our Earth. Now, this is amazing! But also gives some of us the impression that you need to be an activist to live a lifestyle like that. The great thing is that we don’t have to be an activist to make a difference. Each person deciding to do their part to rid the world of single-use plastics, whether big or small, is important.

3. Every small difference counts

Collective small actions make a giant change. I’ve had a discussion with someone before where they said, “What is the point of just my family cutting out plastic? There are millions of people who are creating a ton of plastic waste so how would my tiny household make a difference?”. The cool reality is that there are so many households who are making an effort to reduce their waste and with this collective effort, even though each individual household will not see the major change that they make, they are all making their small part to make a major difference in the world.

5. Be conscience of the plastic that ends up in your bin

Sometimes it’s really difficult to see how much plastic you’re generating as a household and it may seem like you aren’t generating that much. That is why it’s important to look at what plastic is ending up in your trash bin. Seeing what is causing your waste will help you see where you can make changes that will make the most difference. For example, I noticed that most of my waste was coming from plastic-covered fruit and veg, so I made a conscious effort that when I was at the store to only buy the fruit and veg that were not covered in plastic. Having that mindset reduced my plastic waste by half!


It is our responsibility to look after our planet so please make sure to do your part to look after it 🙂

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