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Simonette Carollo


Hi, I am Simonette, the owner of The Eden Girl. I like pina colada's, getting caught in the rain and... I'm kidding (kinda). I am 23 years old and a lover of everything nature, hence wanting to open this webshop and help save our planet Earth. You can catch me at any moment dreaming of pizza, the ocean and cocktails (no I wasn't joking about loving pina colada's). I moved to the Netherlands in 2019 from South Africa and love every bit of it.

Keagan Ladds

Emotional Support Companion

This is my incredible fiance, soon to be husband (eep!). He has been the technical brain behind this operation and helped me build this amazing website. He often provides me with hugs and tea on those late nights working. Get yourself a guy who supports your dreams, ladies!


Bun Bun

Although he does nothing but try to chew all of the boxes in my office and sleep at my feet all day, I thought he's just so cute that he had to feature.