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Brown Paper Tape


  • Sustainable: made from renewable raw materials
  • Writable
  • Can be torn off by hand or stuck with a gun dispenser
  • The perfect closure for your boxes

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The environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tape

This environmentally friendly kraft paper tape is made from renewable raw materials. You should recycle this tape along with your cardboard boxes and packaging. Moreover, the paper tape does not absorb impurities.

Paper tape is easy to handle as it can be torn off by hand. It is best to use a gun dispenser for faster sticking. The high adhesive capacity ensures that you can close your packages quickly and reliably with this tape. Moreover, this paper tape can be written on. This can be useful if you want to make notes on your packaging.

  • Kraft paper tape with standard quality of 57 g / m² for sealing packages up to 20 kg
    • Material: kraft paper, 57 g / m²
    • Glue layer: natural rubber glue
    • Color: brown
    • Width: 50 mm
    • Length: 50 m
    • Recyclable along with your cardboard box
    • Can be torn off by hand
    • Resistant to moisture and therefore ideal for export


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