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Compostable Coffee Capsules


  • Box of 100 “fill-it-yourself” coffee capsules
  • Nespresso® compatible (machines after 2010)
  • compostable
  • in bio-based plastic

The user puts in the organic coffee of their choice and can thus combine coffee quality and respect for the environment by producing only compostable waste. The box contains 100 empty capsules of 3 different colors to identify the different coffees, as well as 100 kraft lids which are themselves compostable. The format is economical.

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Ecological interest

These capsules are made of bioplastic, which is made from vegetables and mineral raw materials. This differentiates them from the “classic” plastic capsules (and aluminum cover) made from petroleum which is not recyclable and not compostable. This pack of 100 capsules makes it possible to offer a longer shelf life to this product while optimizing the packaging. The coffee lover can add the coffee of their choice, in particular organic coffees, not very present in the options of “classic” capsules.


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