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Lavender Laundry Wash Planet Detox


Our lavender laundry wash powder is effective and kind to your clothes, skin, and the planet. It contains only natural sodiums and essential oils, which soften water and fabrics and effectively removes dirt and odours. The lavender smells beautiful and is known for its healing skin properties. This powder can be used for both machine and hand washes.


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Lavender Laundry Wash

Bag of 500g

Cleans and freshens laundry without harming you or the planet.

For machine or hand washing. Effective cleaning power without chemicals and kind to skin.

The soda crystals in this powder helps to maintain a clean and healthy washing machine.

Natural, biodegradable, vegan.


Add one or two tablespoons directly to the drum of your machine, or add to your detergent drawer if you prefer. Use in smaller quantities for hand washes and delicates.

500g provides 40 washes


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