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Toothpaste Tablets Without Fluoride Dent Tabs


1 bag with 125 DENTTABS mint toothbrush tablets – without fluoride

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Benefit from a natural polishing of your teeth with cellulose

Naturally shiny, beautiful, and ultra-smooth teeth
Due to the high proportion of cellulose, DENTTABS polish your teeth ultra-smoothly instead of “just” brushing them. As a result, “caries bacteria” and deposits can practically no longer be attacked.

Perfect for sensitive teeth and tooth necks!
DENTTABS toothbrush tablets clean and polish your teeth particularly gently and without unnecessarily burdening your tooth enamel. For particularly sensitive tooth necks, we recommend DENTTABS with fluoride for natural remineralization of the tooth enamel.

DENTTABS consists of 100% natural ingredients and does not use microplastics, PEG, and other unnecessary ingredients. Our toothbrush tablets are vegan and have been awarded the BDIH Cosmos seal for natural cosmetics.

We would like to remind you: 
Your teeth will be polished with DENTTABS. This requires a particularly soft tool. We, therefore, recommend toothbrushes with particularly soft bristles.


* sufficient for 2 months when used twice a day with one tablet each


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